Length: 17 Minutes
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Intertwine is a surprising encounter between the dance of Justin de Jager and the art of Alexander Calder.

One is a young choreographer, a pioneer in the breakdance-derived dance form of 'threading'. The other was a pioneering artist and pioneer of moving art. In Intertwine two, at first sight different, art forms come together in a natural way.

On the occasion of the exhibition Calder Now, the Rotterdam Kunsthal invited Scapino to create and present a performance in the middle of the exhibition space. Justin de Jager sees in Calder's mobile wire sculptures, which move in different forms and create new points of view, a striking kinship with his own dance style. In Intertwine, among Calder's work, he creates his dance in a continuous flow, searching for openings and new forms. He treats the viewer to a hypnotic spectacle of detailed movements that are endlessly strung together.


Together with filmmaker Justin Bekker, Justin de Jager also made a special film version of Intertwine. The viewer is taken on a journey along all the artworks in the exhibition.

Unlike the live performance, which is danced by three dancers, the film is shot with three additional dancers performing the same movements. In this way, the film plays a fascinating game with the viewer's perception.

Justin de Jager

The young choreographer Justin de Jager started as a breakdancer and developed from there into contemporary dance. He specialises in threading, which originated in breakdance. In a thread, the dancer creates an opening by connecting several body parts and then passing them through with another body part. He won the Audience Award of the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC) and the Leo Spreksel Award, among others.

Choreography: Justin de Jager
Music: Andreas Tegnander
Dancers: Georgia Mourant, Lorenzo Cimarelli, Miriam-Diana Abrudan, Nico Amenduni, Ruochen Wang, Soleil de Jager Justin de Jager
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