How do I watch an online performance?

You need an account on this website to watch an online performance. You can create your account by clicking 'Inloggen' and 'Meld u hier dan aan'. Fill out your first and last name, emailaddress and password to create a new account.

My payment was successful, but I haven't received a confirmation email. What can I do?

Check the inbox of the emailaddress you have created an account with on this website. Don't forget to check your spam.

Can't find the email? Log in on this website, click 'My shows' and click on the image of the show you ordered to watch the performance.

How long can I watch the show?

After completing your order, the url in the email and within your account will be valid for 72 hours.

I completed my payment, but where can I watch the performance I ordered?

Log in on this website, click 'My shows' and click on the image of the show you ordered to watch the performance.

When I click on the link in my email the page says 'no access'. What is wrong?

This happens when you are no longer logged in to your Scapino Streamt account. Please log in again and click My shows to watch the performance.

Can I share my ticket with someone?

No, the ticket is strictly personal and linked to your account. You cannot share the url with others. 

How do I watch the stream on my TV?

You can watch the performance on your TV by connecting your TV to your laptop. The easiest way to do this is to connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable and to select the HDMI channel on your TV.

You can also use Apple Airplay or a Google Chromecast. Please read this Google guide for more information.

I have connected the Google Chromecast to my TV, but can't get it to work. Help!

Are you using your laptop to cast? Unfortunately Google doesn't have the option to cast from a smartphone or tablet. You can only use a laptop with a Google Chrome webbrowser to cast to your Google Chromecast (select the three dots in the top right menu). Keep in mind that both your Chromecast and your laptop are connected to the same wifi.

I have connected the AppleTV to my TV, but how can I stream the performance to my TV?

An AppleTV can only be used in combination with a Safari webbrowser. Click the AirPlay icon in the video to stream the performance on your tv. You can also use an Iphone or Ipad to do so.

How long in advance can I log in for a livestream?

You can log in up to half an hour before the start of the livestream.

Which shows will be added to Scapino Streamt?

We are still working on the full list. Pearl, Henry and TING! will definitely be on there, as are a few new productions of young choreographers which we will stream live.

Can I give someone a Scapino Streamt show as a present?

Not at the moment unfortunately. We are working to make this happen.